KTC College/Trade school Scholarship 

One of the goals of the Kansas Tractor Club is to help students with a scholarship in an ag related field.   If you are attending a college or trade school, and can show this committee that you will use this scholarship money towards your degree. And show us how your degree can help in a ag related field.  All applications will be reviewed and voted upon. 

The scholarship  form is formatted so you can fill it out on screen and emailed. You may print the forms, complete and mail them to the address below. We will need a letter of acceptance to the college you are or will be attending this fall.

All completed forms must be submitted to the Scholarship committee on or before July 15th.  The committee will review all request and will submit their choice to the KTC Board of Directors and Officers.  If approved, the winner will be notified by mail and awarded their scholarship on or before September 15 of the same year.  The check will be made out to the college and the student.  In addition, scholarship winner will be invited as a guest to attend the annual members meeting in February.

Scholarship Request Form.  Adobe File.
If you cannot open the form, please send an email to one of the committee members listed below and a form will be mailed to you.  
Dan Helm
330 S. 9th
Salina, KS 67401


Restoration Grant
The Kansas Tractor Club was created by a group of people who enjoy restoring, displaying and driving antique tractors. What we notice was there were not very many young people in our club and restoring antique tractors and /or implements.

One of the goals of the Kansas Tractor Club is to encourage youth to work in ag related area and preserve the history of the farm. We are offering students a $1,000 grant towards the restoration of a tractor or farm implement.

Please submit your application prior to July 15th each year. The Kansas Tractor Club has a 4-person committee that will review your application and announced the winner prior to September 15th of the same year.
Our goal is to encourage youth to get involved in a restoration project, so the applicatant should be under 21 years of age. If you are a member or a relative to a member of the Kansas Tractor Clube, we would like to know this. This is not a requirement to be awarded the grant. We have an online form that you can fill out and submit.

The rules for the grant are, 1) You have a Tractor club member as your sponsor.  2) submit your buget and what you will be restoring.  3) You will have two years to complete yor project.  4) Bring your restored project to one of Tractor Club Tractor shows.  5) submit your receipts to the club and a check will be written to you..  All you have to do is apply.

Please download the Restoration Application, read, enter your information and submit it to one of the committee people listed below.

Kansas Tractor Club Scholarship and Restoration Committee

Jim Patry 
Barb Hiner
Roger Miller
Dan Helm

Updated February 10, 2017



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