Kansas Tractor Club Annual Tractor Drive!!!

Kansas Tractor Club Tractor Drive is May 4th 2024. We will begin our drive from Gypsum, Kansas.  There is an area south east of the dike for you to park you trailers and unload.  Look for the Agi Trails COOP Please have your tractor unloaded, registered and lined up before the 8:45 drivers meeting.  We will start the 29.5 mile drive at 9 AM 

Update: To park and unload, drive down main street Gypsum and turn east on 6th Street.  Follow the dirt road and drive around the south of the scale house and you will see a large area to park and unload. 

The route map is posted below on this page. 

There is a $20 entry fee for each tractor. For each person who brings multiple tractors, each addtional tractor is only $10.  There is a link below that you can print the registration form to mail or bring with you on Saturday of the drive.

There will be prize money awared to the youngest and oldest driver and for the person, that hauled their tractor the farthest that day or the day before to be in this drive.  Prizes will be awarded during the lunch break.

We request all drivers to attend the drivers meeting at 8:45 to go over the rules and details of the drive.
You will need to bring your own sack lunch.  The club will provide water and a bathroom on the drive.

We will have a short break in the moring part of the drive at  Pete Martin's farm.  There will be a break in the afternoon which has not been determined at this posting.

If you wish to renew your membership, there will be someone at the registration table to collect you $25 fee and present you with your membership card.

Your tractor must be able to maintain a 10 MPH speed or better. No riders are allowed unless there is a safe place for them to sit.  If someone is moving to slow and falling behind the others, go around them.  Someone in a pickup will be available to help them if they are needing help.  If you do break down and can't be repaired, someone will be available to take you back to Gypsum and you can get your trailer and someone will assist in loading your tractor.  Other details will be address during the drivers meeting the morning of the drive.

Let your family and friends know about the drive.
All are welcome!!!

All proceeds go to the Kansas Tractor Club Scholarship fund.

Tractor Drive Registration form.
You can fill out this years registration form ahead of time and mail it to Barb Hiner or just bring it with you to the drive. 
Tractor Drive Registration Form

Map of Tractor Drive Route


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